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Friday, 24 October 2008


I, your very own batty blogger, returned from Strasbourg yesterday evening. I must say I am glad to be back in London. The Strasbourg circus takes its toll and it’s always good to get home.

I thought I’d go in for a bit of light relief today. Please see Martin Meenagh’s comments on my blog. I’m glad he is developing a bizarre affection for it, and there are probably worse things to be than batty.

Thank you Martin.

Martin Meenagh said about the Atheist Bus Campaign...

This bus campaign sounds like a bit of fun. When Florence on the Magic roundabout completely lost it, she turned into a 'number 13 to the strand' as I recall. What bus will you be when caricatures of catholicism finally make you pop a vessel Mary?

I completely apologise. It was Ermintrude who went mental, and decided that she was a number 12. My bad.I am developing a bizarre affection for this batty blog. Please do not reciprocate.

22 October 2008 08:23

1 comment:

Martin Meenagh said...

Careful now or I'll call the Jesuits in.

I still hope that you are not reelected, but well done on the Meredith Kercher question. Whoever put you up to that deserves a drink.