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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I don't usually write about my days in London as they are generally taken up with going through work with my staff based in the Region and similar activities.

However, last Friday I met up with Glenys Thornton (Baroness Thornton) who is an old and close friend. She also happens to be a Whip in the Lords with responsibility for health.

She was, in fact, off to Luxembourg for a meeting of European Health Ministers who were to discuss the pharmaceutical industry and social care - all in a weekend's work I guess.

Quite by chance, I had met John Carr, Glenys's husband, or should I say Glenys is John's wife, earlier in the week in Strasbourg. As just about the world leader in combating child abuse on the internet, John was in Strasbourg to attend the Council of Europe who were looking at this issue.

It was good to see both of them. One of the great things about politics is the way you make longstanding friendships.

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