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Monday, 13 October 2008

Letter to Marie Claire Magazine

Why are teenage girls becoming so violent?

You may be interested in this letter I wrote to the editor of Marie Claire Magazine, as well as the editor's reply.

Dear Editor,

You raised a very troubling and loaded issue in your article ‘Why are teenage girls becoming so violent’. Disturbingly, when this story was first reported many tabloid papers waded into the debate blaming the feminist revolution for the changes in young women's behaviour.
Whilst there is no doubt that there has been a convergence between male and female behaviour over recent years, with young women now outperforming young men at school, it is grossly misleading to portray female violence as a downside of this.
Thank you for your article, which explored the issue much deeper. I hope the catalysts for violence that you drew out; family breakdown; increasing availability of alcohol and drugs; and ‘happy slapping’ internet displays, will help women become more aware of the idiocy of chucking the blame on feminism next time such an issue is reported.
Yours sincerely,

Mary Honeyball MEP
Labour representative for women’s rights in Europe


Dear Ms Honeyball,
Thank you for your email. It is very gratifying when someone in power such as yourself, takes the time to support those who are sincerely trying to raise the level of debate from sensationalist reporting to something more considered. We shall continue in our endeavours to bring clarity to such complex issues in the hope that they will eventually contribute to more mainstream intelligent debate.
Thanks again for your time and support.
Yours sincerely,
Marie O’Riordan

1 comment:

Stewart Cowan said...

So, women will become "more aware of the idiocy of chucking the blame on feminism," will they?

I know I must be an "idiot" according to the dark workings of your mind, what with loving the family and respecting life and all.

Your feminism was started by men (e.g. Ms Magazine was a CIA invention) to destabilise family life and thus society.

It is working as planned and you are a pawn in their game.

You might want to study the history of your 'religion'.

I imagine one of your heroines is Marie Stopes, whose face is available on a 50p stamp.

Stopes has a 'charity' named after her which has killed innumerable unborn children in her name.

I guess this is why she is being 'honoured' by the Post Office and not for her views on eugenics generally and her love of Hitler, allegedly sending him a book of her poetry.

In 1935 she attended a conference in Berlin to promote "population science".

According to the Telegraph,

"She openly advocated sterilisation of those deemed "unfit for parenthood" including those who were ill or suffered alcohol problems as early as 1919. She called for this to be compulsory in her book Radiant Motherhood."

In "The Control of Parenthood" (1920), Stopes wrote: "Utopia could be reached in my life time had I the power to issue inviolable edicts... I would legislate compulsory sterilization of the insane, feebleminded ... revolutionaries ... half castes."

Telegraph - "As for family planning, when her only son Harry announced his engagement to the daughter of the inventor Barnes Wallis, Marie Stopes reacted furiously, claiming that because the girl was short-sighted and had to wear spectacles, she must suffer from a hereditary defect."

Stopes is also accused of seeing conspiracies where none exists.

I'm afraid she was a woman very clearly confused between right and wrong and many other things beside and who anyone in New Labour would avoid like the plague were it not for her help in popularising abortion: one of the left's preferred methods of degrading humanity.