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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Today and tomorrow are taken up with plenary meetings of the European Parliament. At lunch time tomorrow we will vote on reports which have been discussed during the past two days.

In addition to the report on equal pay I have been particularly interested in two others which went through committee yesterday.

An Opinion (comment on a report from another Committee) combating sexual exploitation of children and child pornography was agreed by the Women's Committee with a large majority.

The Opinion called on Member States to support the victims of sexual exploitation and child pornography and inform the European Commission of the measures taken to facilitate cross border co-operation. It also asked EUROPOL to set up a dedicated unit for child pornography and child prostitution.

I am sure we all very much hope progress will be made on this important subject.

The other report I followed closely was another Opinion on the vexed question of European copyright law which went through the Industry and Energy Committee. The Opinion focused on protection of digital content, something which does not stop at national borders.

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