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Thursday, 30 October 2008


During the past week I have seen half a dozen articles in serious publications about high heels , for women that is. And not just two – three inches, but five to six inches. Celebs such as the absurd Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, a talented actress who seems to be going off the rails, have been photographed in ridiculously silly shoes. Publicity seeking fashion designers, notably Christian Louboutin, intend to bring out five to six inch heel shoes for general consumption, if you can afford £300 upwards for a pair of shoes, that is.

The trend to uncomfortable shoes which are almost impossible to walk in is worrying on at least two levels. Health is one of them. Even moderately high heels cause any number of feet and back problems; five to six inches shouldn’t be contemplated. High heels also restrict women’s mobility. Being six feet tall isn’t much good if you can’t do anything very much.

I do wonder if we are seeing another move to “keep women in their place”. If you feel the need to spend hard earned cash on very silly footwear which you can’t walk in, it’s surely bound to have an effect on your general effectiveness. Killer heels should be strongly resisted by all women (other than mad celebs, of course).

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