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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


There is a very important meeting on Abortion Rights at the Houses of Commons tonight at 7pm in committee room 11. Anyone with an interest in the reproductive rights and who believes it is important for women to retain the current rights that they have over their own bodies should attend. The more people that go to the meeting, the more the importance of this issue will be stressed to the attending MPs. Confirmed attendees for the event include Polly Tonybee, Diane Abbot MP, Katy Clark MP and Evan Harris MP amongst many more leading members of the Abortion Rights campaign.

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Stewart Cowan said...

Warning: the link below leads to a website with pictures of abortions.

"In the court of law, there is little testimony more powerful than photographic evidence. Science and medicine tell us that abortion kills a living human being. Abortion photographs help establish the reality that abortion is a brutal act of violence. Judge for yourself, as you examine the photos. Is abortion a mere surgical procedure, or is it, in fact, a violent assault against a tiny and helpless human being?"