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Thursday, 13 November 2008


Den Dover, a North West MEP and former Tory Chief Whip in the European Parliament, has had the Conservative Whip removed. You may remember he was accused of employing his wife and daughter via a family-owned company in explicit defiance of Parliament regulations. The official inquiry undertaken by the European Parliament has now found Den Dover guilty and he has agreed to pay back over £500,000 of "unaccountable expenditure".

The "Guardian" link below gives the full story:

According to today's "Daily Telegraph" Den Dover, who was, incidentally, unavailable for comment yesterday, had earlier said:

"They (the wife and daughter) get market rates, but they put in two or three times the number of hours - they just never stop, and I pray tribute to their hard work. Therefore I am totally innocent of any charges."

1 comment:

Martin Meenagh said...

Oh good grief that made me smile. I know I live in a big glass house, but--really? What a silly name.