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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, has recently had part of his House of Commons parliamentary allowance taken away because his blog, allegedly paid for out of the public purse, ws deemed "rude" as well as disseminating political propaganda.

You can read the full story on the link below.

I think this an unnecessarily harsh punishment by the House of Commons authorities. Communicating with their electorates is one of the main jobs of MPs and other representatives including MEPs. We should not be shackled by unelected bureaucrats.


Martin Meenagh said...

I think this is ridiclous as well. You have allowed all sorts of abuse from the likes of me up on this blog, and have dished it out politely to people you disagree with. That's what we should have. I respect you a little more for that, and so should other people.

What we should not have are the sort of stitch ups that one gets with, oh, I don't know, deliberately manipulated list systems of appointment masquerading as democratically legitimate. Or half-baked sexism. Or censorship of Ryanair sleaze. Or anonymous or psuedonymous trips to other people's blogs to try to patronise them from a depth.

Well done to whichever of your flunkeys wrote this entry! At last my grotesquely wasted tax monies aren't being totally burned.

Stephen said...

Paul is free to say whatever he wants on his blog (however silly)and always has been. But the notion that the taxpayer should pick up the bill for the half-baked stuff he churns out is preposterous. He's well paid; covering the cost of his blog shouldn't break the bank.