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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The Tories in the European Parliament yesterday abstained from voting to reduce the gender pay gap across Europe.

The gender pay gap report was written by German centre-right MEP Edit Bauer. Calling for a review and analysis of all member states' existing legislation on the application of equal pay and establishing best practice on the issue, it was ratified by the European Parliament with a large majority.

But Tories voted against a number of amendments on the report that gave weight to the recommendations, including one to name and shame employers who are guilty of pay discrimination. They also rejected recommending that equality bodies should have legal powers to bring wage discrimination to court.

As happens so often, the Tories have said one thing in the UK but done the exact opposite in Europe.

The report also recommended the introduction of obligatory regular pay audits and the publication of their results. This own initiative report has similar leverage in the European Parliament as a House of Commons Select Committee Report.

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