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Saturday, 22 November 2008


I have signed this petition on changing the abortion laws in Northern Ireland. Abortion is still illegal in most cases in Northern Ireland. This means many women are forced to travel to the mainland UK or go to illegal and dangerous backstreet clinics. It is terrible that women in Northern Ireland do not have the same access to reproductive healthcare, and therefore the same freedom over their bodies, as women in the rest of the UK.

I would urge you to sign this petition too.


Merseymike said...

And I's say a fair few end up here in Liverpool. It really isn't acceptable that religionists can still have such a stranglehold over basic rights

Anonymous said...

It is an awful situation when women are considered second class citizens in one area of the UK. And considering the majority of MPs and MLAs representing Northen Ireland are men, why can't they represent women's views and women's right to choose? Women should be allowed to choose whether to be ruled by one aspect of their religion.

(Petition signed).

Stewart Cowan said...

Abortion, Equality and the Trouble with Humanism, featuring Mrs Mary Honeyball.