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Wednesday, 5 November 2008


So Obama has won. Indeed we have won. I think we’ve known for some time what the result would be and it’s now confirmed.

Americans have at last faced up to the racism in their past and voted to draw that terrible era to a close.

Americans have also demonstrated just how fed up they were with the stupid white men who governed them for the past eight years.

I have just one word to say to Barack Obama: women. Hillary gained a great deal of support from working class women. If he is to be a true bringer of change, Obama needs to work for the female half of the population and for women across the world.

Barack – we will be watching you.

1 comment:

Martin Meenagh said...

Maybe you could invite President-elect Obama and the Pope to give a joint conference at your Parliament, when you decide where it is!

Seriously, its great to see democracy in action. You should stand for office too, and see if people vote for you.

I hope all is well.