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Thursday, 27 November 2008


You might be interested in this comment piece about Ryanair's Calendar on the Daily Telegraph's blog site:

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Martin Meenagh said...

It's not the first time that Ryanair has left someone with only their beach clothes to wear.

Amazingly--buy the flunkey who put you onto this a drink--I think that you have a very good point here. It's one thing people going out and being dancers and strippers and so on and earning money for themself, though I think they're likely to be exploited. That's their shout. But a company that signs itself up to a socially responsible advertising code, then makes a mockery of it, then insults every man who isn't slavering after this, then cheerfully flaunts anti-union, low wage, work-em-till-they-drop-and then-humiliate-the-pretty-but-stupid-ones deserves a bit of a smacking frankly.

The fact is that companies that behave with respect and decency which aren't in the sleaze game do not treat their employees like this. Saying 'it's all a bit of fun' is the excuse of the bully through the ages.

I assume they mean you when they go on about 'potty MEPs'. Well, I called you batty, and a catholic-hating humanist appointed to a fake parliament. But you aren't on this.

I'll put aside my normal banter and say well done on this one, for the moment. If you concentrated on this and your trafficking stuff, you might even rebuild your reputation. Seriously, Mary--keep at em.

God bless