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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Last year Ryanair were reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority for using sexually provocative photos of women dressed up as school girls along with the headline "Hottest Back to School Fares".

Last night I received an email from Ryanair advertising their latest sale and 2009 calendar of scantily clad staff who "bare all".

Do you think this is an acceptable way to portray your female cabin crew? Why not take part in the poll I've added to this blog?


Anonymous said...

Dear MEP,

I'm a greek blogger and i really congratulate you for pointing out this issue. last year i was writing for a state oil company in Greece, advertising in the same line with RyanAir. When and how EP will push for further action for such offending ads?

My regards
Sotiris Koukios

Funda Pepperell said...

I have an idea. This can sound a bit mad but I think to be able to make a big impact we should consider out rage campaign. My idea is to wear a big white cloth with a bikini on top to protest about woman been used as sex objects. What do you think?

Funda Pepperell PPC for Basingstoke

Martin Meenagh said...

Why not make the cloth pointy and cut eye holes in it, funda? You could show your feeling for those who have a religious belief is the same as Mary's by burning a cross at the same time. On a bus.

On a related note, Why does Mary look as she does in her photo? Either her office has a very low step, or she is blears-size, or her staff are giants with cameras up ladders. There should be a European committee to look into it. They have tonnes of money and time, after all.

Funda Pepperell said...

I don’t understand where you coming from. This topic is about woman rights it has nothing to do with religion. I can understand only, if you are indicating that using woman as sex object is your religious beliefs. ...If it is the case, than we know why woman been used as sex objects. Because of people like you!

Martin Meenagh said...

Very confused Funda. I was suggesting that you sounded like a Klanswoman, and also reminding readers of Mary's rather fun opinions about freedom of belief (none on the Labour front benches). I think the best pro-woman policy is a pro-person employment policy, as I have said on a comment in the full post above this one. 'svery easy to throw some lazy sexist comment at me when you don't know me--best to think your thoughts through, I think.

As for 'using women as sex objects for religious belief'--well, goood grief woman, that isn't even grammatical.

Martin Meenagh said...

I should make what I think very clear, because I can see where this is going. I think good companies, which respect their staff, which do not live in the 'bargain basement' of employee treatment, and which were capable of shame would not behave like Ryanair. I would like to see a culture of management and of work that just saw the sort of adverts Ryanair is running as the silly sleaze they are. I cannot understand why people get worked up about the pictures, and not about the need to regulate the companies, tax the bosses, limit the customers so that they know they can't buy services with no thought to the environment, the workers, or the waste of their journeys.

But no-one is interested in that. It's odd. When the history books are written of a moment when the economy was burning, and the world was in crisis, the sources will contain details of people living off of my taxes or aspiring to who just focused on women in bikinis and gesture politics. I urge you to understand that I do not write with malice, nor with any obvious sexism; I am just sick of this sort of silliness scoring cheap political points when the roof is coming in.

And it's fun. Do not take umbrage, this is a public blog and you are more than welcome to put any comments on mine if you're annoyed, though I will edit and moderate, which of course Mary doesn't do.

Funda Pepperell said...

My comments are not personal .I’m just trying to understand where you coming from. As you mentioned you don’t also know me.. If you did, surely you would not make that comment to someone like me which I am a Muslim woman.. Also you can call me FUNDA NOT ‘good grief woman.

Martin Meenagh said...

I withdraw and apologise, Funda. It's difficult in blogland to know that people are sometimes smiling as they write--I actually feel quite affectionate towards this blog for no good reason at all.
With best wishes, Martin

Funda Pepperell said...

Apologies accepted nice to meeting you Martin and thank you:)