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Monday, 12 January 2009


I am excited by the arrival of Labour List onto the blogosphere. I hope the site will be a place where views can be exchanged and a place where debate is sparked. There is already a diverse selection of contributors and I am sure this will only increase as the site gains momentum. I look forward to Labour List's progression.


Paul Pinfield said...
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Paul Pinfield said...

Hi Mary

Labour List is currently marred by rather over zealous comment moderating and a focus on attacking the Tories rather than discussing Labour party policy or new ideas.

Shame really as Labour sorely need a ConHome like site. Early days, but a long way to go.

David said...

Labour does need something like ConHome but does not look like Labourlist is going to be it. A pathetic start. I suspect something as open as ConHome would terrify the great leader.