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Saturday, 17 January 2009


I have seen adverts for churches on London buses for decades and never heard of a Muslim, Buddhist, Jew or Atheist refusing to drive our iconic red London buses. London is the great cosmopolitan city of the world and we tolerate each others faith and those of us who are sceptical readily.

Now a bus driver is being allowed to drive only buses which do not have the "There's probably no God" advert. This is wrong. London buses would grind to a halt if the drivers all had to check whether they agreed with the religious adverts on them. Rightly they keep on driving.

I hope bus driver Ron Heather will show more tolerance and understanding, qualities which I consider to be part of Christianity, and changes his mind and drives buses whatever their adverts.


Jon Worth said...

Ron's actually from Southampton - theoretically possible there have been no christian ads there in the past.

But imagine what happens if every bus driver took these things into account - would Ron drive a bus with a FCUK advert on the side?

Roger Thornhill said...

If there was a bus that said "there probably is no Allah" or "... no Guru Nanak", wait and see what happens before you comment about Christians in particular. That would be a test for sure.