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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Last year MEPs clamped down on mobile phone roaming charges. Under the rules we imposed, mobile phone operators were limited to the amount they can charge users who take their mobile phone on holiday. We hoped this would avoid both holiday makers and business people from receiving an unpleasant surprise when they returned home - in the form of a huge bill.

This year will be the first full summer season when these new capped rates will apply. I'd be interested in your views as to whether this regulation has been a success. Are you more likely to use your phone abroad now that the price is capped at a reasonable level? What do you think about the notification text messages that you receive when you roam? Do these text messages give you a clear enough indication of what price you will be charged to make and receive calls abroad?

When we introduced the roaming regulations, MEPs decided to only cover voice calls initially. However we challenged the mobile phone operators that if they didn't cut their text message and data charges from abroad, we would look at introducing measures to reduce those prices too.

Lets hope the phone networks take action on data prices so that we don't have to.


Jon Worth said...

It would be really welcome if you can look at the prices for 3G data transfer - those rates are prohibitively high at the moment.

Mary Honeyball said...

I have made this view very strongly to the mobile operators!

The Commissioner, Viviane Reding, has said that regulation will be forthcoming unless the prices are cut by 1st July.

You might be also be interested in this link:

Jon Worth said...

Good - am happy to hear it... Seems the mobile operators might have to play their cards differently this time - they complained about the caps, and then some opted for prices lower than the caps. So Reding ought to push very, very hard - to the lowest price possible.