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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Yesterday the Government signalled its support for a new set of standards for internet content. This is welcome.

The way people consume television is changing rapidly. Just this week Apple announced their new iPhone which will make it even easier to watch video on the move.

I am only too aware of how difficult it is to regulate a fast evolving market. Last year I worked on the EU's so called 'Audiovisual Media Services Directive' which covers broadcasting laws across the EU. We looked at a number of issues surrounding child protection. How can parents keep an eye on what children are watching when they are carrying around their own video player?

When we watch traditional broadcast television we have come to expect certain levels of protection, particularly before the watershed. Such expectations don't necessarily exist on the internet or when watching streamed television. New codes of conduct from mobile operators are clearly necessary. I recently spoke to T-Mobile about some of the work their are doing on their 'Contect Lock'

You may be interested to read this article in The Guardian which explains some of the issues:

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