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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


This week I've been blogging about the seminars that I was involved with at Labour Party Conference in Birmingham. The last seminar I spoke at was on fighting the sex trade in Europe.

By definition, the sex trade and human trafficking are international problems. The European Union is ideally placed to address these issues, partly through enhanced cross-border police cooperation to catch those who profit from human misery.

I also spoke about some of the lessons that we can learn from other European countries. Sweden took a brave decision in 1999 and criminalised the purchase of sex. Sweden has subsequently seen a dramatic fall in the incidence of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

All Internationalist parties should look at what legislation works well in other countries. I believe we should strongly consider introducing the Swedish model here.

That was the strong message I gave to conference.

This blog will be back on Tuesday.

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