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Tuesday, 4 March 2008


4th March 2008

Congratulations to Androula Vassiliou who has been chosen to replace Markos Kyprianou as Cyprus's EU Commissioner. Now that Mr Kyprianou has left to become Cyprus's Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is very good news that President Christofas has appointed a woman as his successor. Cyprus may not have any women MEPs, but they do now have a female Commissioner.

Mrs. Vassiliou's appointment will have to be approved by EU Member States and she will also have to appear before the relevant European Parliament Committees to test her knowledge of the EU health portfolio, which she will be taking over from Mr Kyprianou. As a member of the Cypriot parliament, Mrs Vassiliou is no doubt used to such processes.

My very best wishes to Androula Vassiliou. The health brief is important and this is a great opportunity for the new Commissioner and for Cyprus.

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