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Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Child safety on the internet was discussed at both the Women's Rights and the Culture Committees today. A report written by centre-right MEP Marie Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou from Greece was passed by the Women's Committee.

The Culture Committee commented on this Report in what the EP calls an "Opinion" - a document also written by an MEP and then voted on by the Committee concerned. This child internet safety Opinion drafted by right wing Tory, Christopher Heaton-Harris, proved so good that I voted for all his recommendations! It's not really peace breaking out but a good example of European consensus at its best.

The Culture Committee also discussed a Report on media literacy, shorthand for access to media, understanding and evaluating content and creating communications. Written by the Austrian Socialist Christa Prets who leads for the Socialist Group on the Culture Committee, this Report looks at range of modern communication tools - TV, film, video, radio, newspapers and magazines, computer games and the internet more generally.

One footnote to the Culture Committee meeting. UKIP member Tom Wise voted against every single report. UKIP's "policies" seemingly come down to mindless opposition.

Committees meet all this week. The EP is very organised in the way it does its business, working on a monthly cycle. There are two weeks of Committee meetings, one for political groups and one week taken up by the plenary session.

By the way, congratulations to Andy Murray who has done amazingly well. Maybe we will soon have the first British male tennis player to win a grand slam since Fred Perry.

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