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Friday, 11 April 2008


UKIP's candidate for Mayor of London, Gerard Batten, is obviously fighting hard to clear up corruption and improve financial transparency. On his campaign website he promises to "give Londoners value for money" and challenges Ken Livingstone's "lies" over how much the London Assembly costs.

However, Batten is clearly concerned that he is not being treated seriously enough. On 4th April he wrote to the Guardian to complain that he wasn't getting enough publicity. He said that "The way that some elements of the media have so far reported this election is a disgrace in a so-called democracy"

When not campaigning for Mayor of London, Batten is also a UKIP MEP for London. All MEPs have to submit a declaration of financial interests to the European Parliament every year. Unless MEPs expressly object, this is then made public on the European Parliament's website.

There are nine MEPs for London but Batten is the only MEP who refuses to allow his declaration of financial interests to be made public on Parliament's website.

Perhaps Batten might like to explain to the public why they can't see who he's taking money from before they vote for him.

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